Hobby farming equipment

Although since 2009 we are more known as pond equipment specialists, we expanded our range with equipment and accessories  needed for small farms. We can offer egg incubators, bird feeders, drinkers, heaters and other tools for more comfortable farming. You are welcome to visit our online shop www.erumagro.eu.

Representing the Italian company Incubatrici Borotto, we can offer the best quality egg incubators in the Lithuanian market.

We are especially proud of being the only importers of the MICROBE-LIFT Quantum Growth products. Quantum Growth series consists of biotech products from the collaboration of Ecological Laboratories Inc .(USA) with Applied and Experimental Microbiology (AEM). The products are revolutionary in the field of agriculture. The R&D resulted in bacteria consortium that can promote soil and plant health, specifically:

  • improve root and plant growth
  • reduce the use of fertilizer by improving the ability to store nutrition in soil
  • improve drought resistance
  • improve pathogen resistance
  • increase BRIX level
  • reduce fertilizer runoff